Published Works


Spare a Prayer – The Colored Lens #14 (March 2015). Fantasy.


Triolet (reprint) – The Best British Fantasy 2014, ed. Steve Haynes (Salt Publishing, July 2014). Magical realism.

How to Love a Necromancer – Daily Science Fiction (January 2014). Fantasy.


LifeCycle – Interstellar Fiction #14 (September 2013). Science fiction.

A Mixed Catch – Mirror Dance (Autumn 2013). Fantasy/magical realism.

Ichor – Daily Science Fiction (May 2013). Fantasy. Reviewed by Steven Gordon at Songs of Eretz.

Triolet – Interzone #246 (May 2013). Magical realism. Reviewed by D. F. Lewis.

The Giant who Dreamed of Summer – Cast of Wonders #78 (May 2013). YA fantasy.

The Sandman’s Dreams – Daily Science Fiction (April 2013). Flash fiction, contemporary fantasy. Reviewed by Steven Gordon at Songs of Eretz.


Richard, Dismantled – The Omnibus of Doctor Bill Shakes and the Magnificent Ionic Pentatetrameter, Doctor Fantastique Books (May 2012). Shakespearean steampunk!


Augury – Shortfire Press (December 2011). Literary fiction. Reviewed by David Hebblethwaite at Follow the Thread. (Sadly, Shortfire Press was discontinued in December 2014.)

To Be True – Cast of Wonders #11 & 12 (October 2011). YA fantasy.

Morning Light – Bewildering Stories #446 (September 2011). Short dramatic script, science fiction.


4 thoughts on “Published Works

  1. Dear Jess Hyslop,

    Nearly five years ago, I stumbled across your Elfwood profile, and started reading Bump!. I’ve read a number of your works, and have loved them all.

    I humbly request that you please continue and finish Bump!.

    We wait.

    Thank you,

    Michelle from Los Angeles, California

    • Hi Meagan! Sorry for the delay in replying. I’m really glad you enjoyed ‘Bump!’ – so nice of you to comment here and tell me 🙂 I do intend to finish Bump! at some point, though at the moment it has taken a back seat to my other writing. Apologies! Eventually it will continue…

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