Promoting Women in SFF: Two New Blogs

Just a quick post about some exciting new blogs that have emerged over the past couple of days.

First there is Fantasy Mistressworks, started by Amanda Rutter, editor of Strange Chemistry (Angry Robot Books’s YA imprint). This site aims to promote fantasy novels written by women, published in the 20th Century or earlier.

Next, we have Daughters of Prometheus, started by Michaela Staton. Inspired by Ian Sales’s SF Mistressworks site, DOP aims to draw attention to SF works by women published in the 21st Century.

Excitingly, the first review to be posted on Daughters of Prometheus was my review of Lauren Beukes’s Zoo City — which will probably (and hopefully productively) spark discussion about cross-genre works from the get-go!

Both of these websites are looking for suggestions of books to add to their lists, and they are also seeking reviews of eligible works. They are well worth checking out and contributing to.


I haven’t gone into detail about the history that prompted these new blogs, but you can find out more about recent discussions of the (lack of) visibility of women in SFF by following the clickety-click of blog trails. Some links to start you off (there are many more to dig up):

6th March: A post on dreamwidth shows disparity in gender coverage on SFF review blogs. 

7th March: Fantasy Cafe talks about the visibility of SFF female bloggers.

10th March: My Awful Reviews asks ‘Is there sexism in review blogging?’

25th March: Bastard Books discusses some possible reasons for the gender disparity in SFF reviewing.

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